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Our solution

DevOps by Nalys

At Nalys, we support our customers on their SW projects for several years.

Our expertise in software (application, embedded systems, web applications) allows us to work with various languages and environments:

  • Linux systems (desktop, server, Yocto, BuildRoot, Android based)

  • Web development (C# .Net core, Java Spring, Node, Angular, React)

  • GUI applications (Qt, Unity, …)

  • Infrastructure (Azure, AWS, VMware vSphere)

  • Real Time Operating systems (FreeRTOS, Riot OS)

  • Communications and networking (ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, CAN, protobuf)

  • Model Based Design (Matlab/Simulink, Scade)

  • C, C++, Go, Python, C#, Java, Javascript, Typescript, Kotlin…

  • Continuous Integration (Gitlab CI, Drone CI, Jenkins, Azure DevOps)

  • Build systems (make, cmake, gradle, bazel)

  • Containerization (docker)

  • Container orchestration (Kubernetes)

  • Monitoring (ELK, Grafana)

DevOps principles

DevOps main principles are simple:

  • Increase frequency of software deliveries

  • Reduce time to market

  • Reduce time to restore service in case of failure

  • Reduce failure rate by using monitoring and alerting

  • Improve security

  • Ease deployments on premises, cloud and hybrid

The toolbox

Nalys toolbox is adaptive and meant to be customized for each need.

Changes are always deployed in an iterative way, adding one part at a time.

The process

There is no one-solution-fits-all for DevOps. It is important to discuss and understand issues, priorities, constraints with all involved parties. DevOps and development proposals can be combined in one offer for maximum cost efficiency.

Audit & workshops


Technical & business proposal

Project execution (sprints)

Demo & releases

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