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Monitoring solutions

When an application is deployed (server or devices), operations team needs to check whether end users can use the apps, and that there are no issues or request them to be fixed as fast as possible.


If no system is in place to collect information about running apps (cpu/memory usage, logs), operations engineers need to connect to servers and devices to manually retrieve information.

A better way to monitor operations consist in automating the data pipeline:

  • collection

  • filtering

  • transformation

  • reporting and viewing


Nalys DevOps toolbox makes use of state of the art tools, and can be used for several key activities:


  • Set up monitoring tools (ELK, Grafana/Prometheus, Zabbix)

  • Set up data collector on server or devices

  • Define data filtering and retention

  • Define dashboards, alerts

  • Instrument application/containers to collect performance information

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