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About Nalys

Who we are

Nalys is a high technology consulting company created around one strong conviction: consultancy is the best way to learn and to shape tomorrow’s innovations. Almost 10 years later, this vision is still at the heart of our projects. Whether it is working on smart connected objects or helping develop a prototype for an autonomous car, we love innovative challenges! Our customers develop and build stunning products that shape lives… and we gather great minds to help them do just that.


If one day you ask our Nalys director what is the company mission, he would tell you: “To be the technology service partner delivering the highest value for our customers to shape their products”. Our job is to help our customers make their products better, faster and cheaper thanks to our skills, talent sharing, strong engagement and passion. And we want to help our engineers evolve in the process! This is how we are making a difference and shaking up the old ways of the sector!

Our philosophy

We are entrepreneurs, inventors, achievers. And we are working hard to make our company a global technology partner made up of passionate professionals and expert communities. From a high technology challenge to a casual after-work, 3 values drive every single one of our projects: PERFORMANCE, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and CONVIVIALITY.


Our dearest desire: provide our technological partners the means and expertise they need to develop products that will change lives while helping our passionate engineers grow their career and give them a sense of community along the way. 

What we do

Assist, advise, guide, manage… we offer different technical services to our customers, which also means different technical environments for our engineers. Our services take the form of:

  • Individual consulting integrated into an existing team

  • Multi-skills projects for which we develop an entire Nalys team (TaaS: Technology as a Service)

  • Extended training programs on very technical expertise answering the market’s specific needs

  • Turnkey solutions on new technology with customized proof of concept

We offer our customers the best way to realize their projects.

Our sectors

We have the chance to collaborate with over 70 companies in a variety of sectors, and work on the development of hundreds of amazing products and technologies. And you know what? We love what we do!


Through our Health division, we are working with major actors in the pharmaceutical sector in both France and Belgium.

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Telecom, Transport, IoT or even Defence, the sectors we operate in are as various as the project we do for our clients.

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The web is a sector that changes very quickly. We are always aware of the latest trends and most used technologies to help our customers the best way possible.

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The Energy sector faces the biggest challenges while offering the most exciting projects in Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Renewable energies. 

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Logistics, industrialization, production or R&D... we have many expertise for our customers in aeronautics, railway and automotive industries.

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