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Infrastructure solutions

​​Having one instance of an application running on a server is rather easy to achieve, but several questions typically arise when the number of user increase:

  • How many users should be able to connect the same time?

  • How fast should my app respond?

  • How many instances should I run?

  • How can I scale up?

When encountered, those questions can quickly become blocking issues (e.g. back-end not accessible within defined timeout).

Also operating several servers at once can be time consuming and error prone (consistency issues);

​Nalys DevOps toolbox provides several solutions to set up and operate an infrastructure:

  • Set up automation for provisioning and maintenance/operations (Ansible, Chef/Puppet, etc...)

  • Use cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCP)

  • Set up orchestrator on-premise (Nomad, Kubernetes)

  • Set up autoscaling of systems using orchestrators

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