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Productivity improvements

The goal of this service is to provide our customers with the best work environment setup possible.

The more people are working on a software, the more difficult it is to organize development work, and make sure that everyone is using the same toolchain.

When the code base grows too much, build times get longer and longer, which means long waiting times and loss of productivity (thus loss of money
Also, many issues can be avoided by having a clear dependencies management.

That’s why Nalys developed a whole part of its DevOps solution around fixing these issues for our customers.


Nalys DevOps toolbox is adaptable and can be customized depending on needs and constraints.


Our solution revolves around using:

  • docker containers to build SW, using images with the toolchain

  • Nalys specific build system, based on bazel to drastically reduce build times

  • cache servers and proxies, to avoid rebuilding already built artifacts and avoid internet bandwidth bottlenecks

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