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Agile-DevOps way of working

There are many reasons for traditional product development to use V cycle, for example when building or ordering physical parts, which imply a good level of definition before starting. Yet it is a lot less suitable for SW development.

Unclear requirements, bugs and change requests are very common during initial SW development, making the planning of a complete project correctly few years in advance is almost impossible.

Chances are that planning will change every other month, making project management complicated.

When entering maintenance phase, it is even harder to define a strict planning as development team probably moved to other activities.

While a good vision on SW development is required, with key milestones correctly identified, some flexibility is required to re-prioritize issues, tasks and deliver fixes and new features is the fastest possible way.

Our projects are developed using an Agile-DevOps way of working.

Depending on the  needs and resources, we can work following Scrum or Kaban principles.

​By default Nalys DevOps team uses Gitlab (cloud or on-premises setup) for development projects:

  • Agile board (issues, state)

  • Git repositories

  • CI/CD system

  • Package manager


Other tools can be used and setup as well, as long as they have the right features.

Nalys DevOps services can be used for:

  • Manage cultural change in management and development teams

  • Organize and lead the different Agile meetings (planning, daily, demo, retrospective)

  • Coach development team to work following Agile principles

  • Creation of Agile dashboard

  • Creation of Definition of Done

  • Define and implement efficient processes (branching, reviewing, etc.)

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