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CI/CD solutions

This service is the central element of our DevOps solution, which is needed to ease automation of recurring tasks, and help your development teams to get the time to do everything.

Many SW development activities need to be executed over and over:

  • compilation

  • verification (linting)

  • tests (unit, integration, end-to-end)

  • packaging (library archive, deb/rpm package)

  • publish

A developer always need to compile locally, but might do so with a customized environment, or forget to push some changes to the central repository, thus leading to inconsistent build state for the rest of the team.

Also, when a growing number of developers are working on the same code base, branching and merging operations are performed daily, and need to be checked to avoid late discovery of integration issues.

Lastly, when SW needs to be published, typical for web applications, packaging and deployment on server can be tricky if all steps aren't strictly followed.

CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) systems are the perfect way to automate those tasks, and let developer focus on integration and functional issues.

​Nalys DevOps toolbox provides solutions for CI/CD, which can be customized depending on needs and constraints:

  • Define complete CI/CD pipeline for verification, build, tests, packaging and deployment

  • Define merge and versioning strategy

  • Enforce usage of docker containers for SW build, to ensure reproducible builds on any CI/CD systems

  • Set up CI/CD toolchain using different tool (gitlab, jenkins, drone CI, etc..)

  • Set up package manager (artifactory, nexus, gitlab, etc...)

  • Use orchestrator for SW deployment (Nomad, K8S, AWS EKS, etc...)

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